Earth Hour

Hello again, I am writing this post about Earth Hour.  In my class our teacher Ms.Hutchinson wanted us all to participate.  I would like you to comment about what you did for Earth Hour (If you Participated) I would also like you to participate in Earth Week.


Sincerely: Jake

7 thoughts on “Earth Hour

  1. Hi, Jake!
    What is Earth Hour? When I was in school we did not have this. I’m sure it has something to do with going green, but I would love to hear more about it!

    Anna Darby
    University of South Alabama
    EDM 310

    • Hi Anna, Earth Hour is about shutting off all electrical appliances in the house. You can sit around a table with friends and family and play board/card games. There’s a really cool youtube video showing Earth Hour around the globe. Earth day is on April 22, It is like Earth Hour except that it’s for the whole day.

      P.S Nice Blog 🙂


    • Hello Jesse, yes I participated in Earth Hour but I didn’t do it at 8:30pm. I did it a couple hours previously, for two hours my friends and I were outside running around, with no power on in the House.

  2. Hey Jake,
    so I have never participated in Earth hour what is it? How can I participate? I love your concern for the earth! Comment back please!

    • Hello, Earth Hour has already passed but next year you can help by turning off electrical appliances. Turning them off and unplugging them means less pollution from power factories.
      Sincerly: Jake 😀

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