Festivals in Norfolk, Ontario

Hello again, I’m writing this post to tell you about some events(like festivals) that happen in my home town during the year.  One of my favourite festivals is Bayfest, Bay fest is on during the first week of september. During bayfest we have lots of people come to Norfolk to see Bayfest.  During Bayfest we have competitions, rides, parades and fireworks.  When I was younger I didn’t want to go to the fireworks because they scared me. Now I love fireworks.  Another event I like is the Fair, the fair has lots of rides, food and attractions.  I love the funhouse and the rollercoaster(not the Fireball).


One thought on “Festivals in Norfolk, Ontario

  1. Hi Jake. We have holidays but we don’t have many festivals. We have a fair in August. Alot of my friends go there so I go there too. One of the rides is very fun. If you want to reply here is my blog site-2017amm.edublogs.org

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