Finally, the most dreaded part of the school year ends.  Exams.  Generally, I would love exams, but I have a hard time liking things that I don’t understand.  I understand most of my subjects, to one degree or another, all except for math.  Math has always been one of my favourite subjects, until we entered the unit on quadratics.  Parabolas, Quadratic expressions, quadratic equations, it all goes over my head.  The math exam is over now, however and I get to move on to new subjects.  My civics teacher never did nationstates, like my friend Khorynn and I pestered him to do and like he said he would do.  Nationstates is a nation-simulation game that is really fun and that I enjoy a lot.  Nationstates allows you to solve issues and demonstrate civic awareness and care for your people.  Up here, in Canada, there is a lot of snow, though not as much as I’d like.  The remedy to this, is our retreat up north even more to one of my favourite camps.  Nice to be writing again.


Sincerely: Jake


Hello everyone, it’s me again.  I know that it’s been well over a year since my last post and I apologize for that.  The blog has kept escaping my mind and I finally caught it and tranquillised it.  I am planning to keep in touch.  If I don’t, I’m sorry.  Anyway, nice to write again.


Gaté Roya


It’s Been awhile

Hi everyone.  It’s been awhile since I last blogged.  I’ve been really caught up in my school work and social life, I haven’t really thought about my blog in awhile.  Is everyone looking forward to the Christmas Holidays?  I know I am, we have alot of presents beneath the tree.  My brother just had a birthday a few days ago and he loved the present I got him.  I have to go but I hope to hear some comments again soon. So long



War of 1812

Recently My class did a war reenactment of the war of 1812.  We made Stone Soup and were armed with wooden muskets (Not real of course).  When ever we shot at someone we had to yell BANG at the tops of our lungs.  We had wooden muskets not wooden tommy guns so after every fake shot we had to reload, reloading took over ten seconds!  We made a fort and if they caught us they made us eat dirt, dandylions and onions.  My class was divided in half with one side being the “Americans”  and the other half was the “British”.  The British wore red shirts and the Americans wore blue.  I was a British, My character was:  Mark Barret age 23 collector of revenue and He joined because god told him to.  They were all real soldiers in the war of 1812.   See ya!


Earth Hour

Hello again, I am writing this post about Earth Hour.  In my class our teacher Ms.Hutchinson wanted us all to participate.  I would like you to comment about what you did for Earth Hour (If you Participated) I would also like you to participate in Earth Week.


Sincerely: Jake


Hello, I am writing this post about what this winter has been like where I live.  It has been warm, humid, chilly and wet.  Over the march break my family visited the Kalahari Waterpark and Hotel.  It was 27 degrees outside for most of the time.  Please send me a comment about what this winter has been like for you!


Sincerely: Jake

Shadow Lands

I have been working on making full-head masks at school.  Our teacher is an incredible Puppeteer and actor named Anne, she works for Shadow Lands.  Shadow Lands is an acting and puppateering group, on Toronto Isle.

Our masks were made by rolling cardboard into tubes and cutting out eye and nose holes.  Next we added the nose to our characters.  Then we added the paper machè onto the masks and we painted them.  Finally we added hair, mustaches, hats, goatee’s  and beards.  The Character that I chose to make was a king’s ranger.


Hello everybody!  It’s December 22nd today!  2 days until Christmas!  I can’t wait.  I am hoping to get the LEGO Star Wars Republic Frigate.  I wouldd like everyone to send me a comment on what they would like for Christmas.  I got a good mark on a Christmas Music Assignment, I performed The Little Drummer Boy on my Violin.  I would like you to send a comment on what your favourite Christmas Carol is.  Anyway, Feliz Navidad!



Is anyone reading this?  I can’t be sure because it seems like everyone has left me alone.  The last comment I received was in October, it’s December for crying out loud!  I feel like my blog has been deserted, sitting around collecting dust (figure of speech!).  I would like someone to leave a comment.  Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Ah well, I’m going to get a sandwich.


Sincerely: Jake

Mike Tompkins

Mike Tompkins is an amazing acapella singer.  He doesn’t use any instruments.

My favourite song of his is Mike Tompkin’s Rolling in the Deep, it is a great song (the recorder that he turns on is not playing the song, he’s recording it.  Some songs he’s done are:  Party in the USA, Maroon 5-Misery, FireFlies, Teenage dream and Dynamite.  The songs that he does aren’t originals but he still does a great job of making them seem like they are.  Mike Tompkins is Married and doesn’t go anywhere without his wife Keyla.

Mike Tompkins has a Now See How I Made This at the end of all the songs.  Mikie Always records himself, then layers his voice. The end product has instruments like: hi-hat, Kick, synth and guitar.  He doesn’t use any instruments whatsoever (with the exception of fireflies where he uses drinking glasses as an instrument).  Mike Tompkins is the best singer in the World (in my opinion).